Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Launching music search from Google

A good news for music lovers from Google is they are launching a new feature in their search engine for search, sample and shopping songs. Great ! Google will take supports from startups iLike and LaLa that enable songs ro streamed on the Google page including a “buy” button. When users push that button, Google  will direct to a variety of different  sites like and iTunes Music Store, where users can buy that music.

According to Reuters Google’s new feature will begins on October 28. This feature will get involve most of the major music labels including Vivendi's Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group and EMI Music. The record music industry has been struggling with plunging sales and fewer media outlets to break new acts. This has a high hopes on Google to increase the sales of the music.

The labels are beating by making it easier to search for music so that they can increase the size of digital market dominated by iTunes, with about 70 percent of download sales. Also, Universal Music and Sony Music are partnering with YouTube to create a new music video service called Vevo, which is expected to launch in December.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Google new project “Sandbox”

Google has now announced that they will be launching a new project, which will be the new version of Google Search engine. This is been announced when Bing and Yahoo got merged. This will be the new updated edition of Google Search engine replace the old one. Google maybe feels threatened with the new competition. As all knows Bing and Yahoo recently partnered up with Facebook and they are doing extremely well with the click share.

Do you know why Google are working so hard on this project? So they can improve their search engine indexing speed giving more relevant search results speedily, better accuracy and comprehensiveness.  Most people won’t even notice a difference in their new project. Do you need to make a test in their new search engines go to

Another plan that’s going to be put into place is Google AJAX. AJAX technology is basically an application framework which uses advanced JavaScript to make pages of search results load faster. Google sees this as an advantage and will use AJAX to reconfigure the speed of there search engine.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Microsoft's search engine in new look to Bing

Microsoft released their third online serach plateform. Their plateform begins from MSN Search then to Live Search and here they rebranded as “Bing”

Bing’s is really cool with pictures as their homepage background of the search box. Also the search is so easy for us even they get all the information that we needed.

Bing's Search Sections:

Find what you're looking for and a whole lot more with enhanced Silverlight Search History. It will save your searches locally and also give you a short information of the site when we pointing over the links woh isn’t it cool. Here we save our time without entrying the sites.

Bing's Images Search

The new feature shows you pretty Silverlight-powered fly-in thumbnail images. It will expand your search images later. You can select images by size,layout,color,style and even for people.

Bing's Videos Search

Watch your favorite shows and videos. You can select by length, screen size, resolution, source (MSN, AOL, MTV, Hulu, ESPN, YouTube, MySpace, Dailymotion, Metacafe),TV, music and most watched.

This is what we need from a search engines really cool Bing a very quick search engine, and the interface is clean. I know those who are using Google search may be accepting bing right now as they all are familiar in google. But the fact is that Bing is really better than Google.

However congrats and thanks to Microsoft teams for realeasing Bing.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Total links for Link page

Link building plays a great role in page ranking of the sites. I know you are thinking of how ? Well, for determining the page value, search engines will counts your outbound links, inbound links and reciprocal link.

However, from my experience in BreezeGo India, I do a lot of research on selecting links for our clients. I pay attention to all types of links. Most of the search engines will give more attention to the sites having 100 links within in a page. Here I (explain to you a clear picture about 100 links in a page) clearing out for you about the 100 links in a page. I will do this with an example.
Stepping to the example
Count the links in the homepage. I think you got 27 links from the homepage, right? Below I have spotted the links in red circle.

So this will make it easy for search engines while crawling try to link within 50 links for accurate crawling.
What we have to care most in the link page of a site is the total count of links in that page Adding more links means the count of links increases. So keep an eye on the total links in the link page. Here I am showing another example of link page. Getting to which is
‘s link page. Again count total links in . As you can see 38 links (this will be changing by adding links) I have marked the links in red circle for your reference.

Here I recommend limiting the total links to 75 so it will be more effective for us and link partners, for crawling. If its more than 75 links try to make another link page and the navigating link of new link page should be shown in the homepage, as you know search spiders don’t like hidden pages.

Overall just keep your eyes to the total links in each and every page of your site.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Internet Explorer Security Issue Warning

Microsoft Corp. has taken the rare step of warning about a serious computer security vulnerability it hasn’t fixed yet.

The vulnerability disclosed Monday affects Internet Explorer users whose computers run the Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 operating software.

It can allow hackers to remotely take control of victims’ machines. The victims don’t need to do anything to get infected except visit a Web site that’s been hacked.

Security experts say criminals have been attacking the vulnerability for nearly a week. Thousands of sites have been hacked to serve up malicious software that exploits the vulnerability. People are drawn to these sites by clicking a link in spam e-mail.

The so-called “zero day” vulnerability disclosed by Microsoft affects a part of its software used to play video. The problem arises from the way the software interacts with Internet Explorer, which opens a hole for hackers to tunnel into.

Microsoft urged vulnerable users to disable the problematic part of its software, which can be done from Microsoft’s Web site, while the company works on a “patch” - or software fix - for the problem.

Microsoft rarely departs from its practice of issuing security updates the second Tuesday of each month. When the Redmond, Wash.-based company does issue security reminders at other times, it’s because the vulnerabilities are very serious.

Read More Here and Find A Fix:

Social Network Identity Theft

Social Network Username Search & Protection

KnowEm checks the availability of your brand name, user name or vanity URL on 120 popular Social Media websites. This service is a neat Reputation Management Tool that all reputation conscious individuals should consider using.

A lot of people and business are at risk of becoming a victim of internet identity theft. This is where someone can pose as you on social networks and other username based websites like forums. Imagine if someone found “you” on MySpace or a similar social network and started chatting with “you” about private details, only to find out it really was not you. There are many risks when it comes to internet ID theft, most of the time the biggest risk is your online reputation. If someone was posing as you on a social network and started saying all types of damaging things on their account, people will think these are your words.

Protecting your online reputation is very important in today’s WWW.

The service that KnowEm offers lets you see who else is using your username on over 100 popular social networks. They also offer to protect your name by registering accounts on these networks for you.

Another great service is the social network search engine optimized profile creation service that offers. They create full profiles with your custom content. This service is geared toward reputation repair and includes the identity protection as well.

List Of Free Press Release Sites

Free Press Release Sites

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